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Indie Soup 2011.05.05 – Funny Musicians

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Before we get started, this show is recorded live late Friday nights.  It is not safe for work or intended for children.  We spin parody music and sometimes it goes a good lunar orbit or two past any type of PG rating.  So get a glass of water and swallow our disclaimer pill and let us all freak and geek out on Friday nights.

Lately, the Yippie and I have been off on a bit of Dr. Demento Dr. Dementostyle mood.  Who knows maybe we make midnight Friday to do just that?  What else would a station indie music geeks and IRC addicts do on a Friday night?  Meshelly and I talk less frequently this podcast but stick around for a longer last call than usual where we ramble on about various news articles Indie Nation covered this week.

I am also starting to add affiliate links.  I know that many of you love this music, this show and these artist.  Please feel free to use the links to purchase CDs and MP3s and thereby support the artists and, at the same time, help the Lumpster reduce the cost dent of all of this.  As usual, we would like to remind our listeners that we find the majority of our tunage at Mevio’s Music Alley and you can get many of the tracks there for 99 cents.

Comedy News OBL we got em , again and again.

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OBL the musical, perhaps..


Yes the fact of the matter political news always leads to trouble! If this doesn’t get your goat (do what?), then you don’t have a funny bone.

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The USA (CIA, FBI, President, Pizza Hut) reported the death Osama bin Laden (OBL for short) by US forces; Seal Team Six.  In a covert operation that on the ground last just under a hour not only found OBL, but killed the the master mind terrorist behind Al Qaeda but his DNA was match, his wares were seized (computers, DVD/CD, print), body wrapped and dumped in the Ocean for a burial at Sea.

Whew.  that was enough to make twitter hashtag #OBL go viral, dancing in the streets, praise Barack Obama (that’s the USA president by the way) and for the droves of conspiracy geeks to say WTF? It can take 21 days if not 21 damn months for DNA to be tested at crime scene, but yet I digress that is not the point here.  The point being is what doesn’t kill you makes you laugh, and with that The Fump has released their latest insult to the left wingers, with  Superpowers Go Ballistic Execute Bin Laden [Again]

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