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2014.09.15 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.09.15 – Tech Net News and Opinion

This is the recording of our weekly news show.  In this episode we discuss some Celtic music news, Android news, Chrome OS app news, net neutrality, Minecraft, Microsoft, writing on maps from the era of Columbus, and more.

 We opened with two from  Ceil Moss

  • As Far as the Eye Can See from the album of the same name
  • Lies a Lurrighan

You can find this band at:

Video – The Rise of the Patent Troll


Patent (Photo credit: brunosan)

This Video Explains How Patent Trolls Came to Be

If you listen to our news broadcasts here, you are very likely to hear stories about patent trolls and “copywrong” as Lumpy uses to refer to the current state of intellectual property law. It has reached the ridiculous point where trolls are laying claims to broad matters such as playlists and podcasting.  This is about as logical as patenting the alphabet. The video below, explains how old law and new tech combined to create software patent trolls.

Another Stupid Patent Issued – “Announcing a Domain Name Registration On a Social Website”

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Patent office bldg

Patent office bldg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, you read that right.  I can’t make this stuff up.  GoDaddy, has actually been granted a patent for just what the headline states! I am baffled at what is so unique and novel about this particular idea.  Honestly, who  wouldn’t promote their new web site via social sites and networks?  For that matter who hasn’t done so already?

Google Buys Motorola

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Just in case you just crawled out from under a rock,  TechCrunch (and the rest of the world) reports that Google has dropped 12.5 billions dollars and bought Motorola.  The entire Internet is buzzing about why, what and and whatever but ARS Technica likely has it right.. they needed the patents.  It is rather sad that patent trolls have turned net survival into a matter of preemptive strikes but in my opinion that is what it is.

Supreme Court Justices Make Controversial Patent Law Decision

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The current United States Supreme Court, the h...

Image via Wikipedia

An article at TechDirt points to a blog post with some very unfortunate, disturbing and somewhat hard to believe news regarding a recent United States Supreme Court Decision.  Quoting the TechDirt post:

A blog post by Skip Oliva alerts us to a very troubling Supreme Court ruling in a patent lawsuit that is going to have massive, dangerous unintended consequences — as pointed out by the lone dissenter, Justice Kennedy. Effectively, the ruling claims that even if you had no idea that a patent existed, if you sell products to other businesses for resale, and it later turns out that those products infringed on a patent, you could be liable for “inducement” to infringe.

Further reading of both the article and the blog post mentioned should upset readers and listeners even more. The case involved patent infringement regarding a deep fryer.

First and foremost, the compay, SEB, did in fact file and have a patent for their deep fryer.  This is not the first time in history that two indivuduals had the same invetive idea at the same time… the rumor mill has it that Tesla invented radio first.  However, not only was the company unaware of any patent infringements but they even hired an attorney to do a patent search!

What baffles myself, Techdirt, Skip Oliva, hopefully many of you  and one lone US Supreme Court Judge, unfortunately only one,  is that this was considered inducement.  How can it be inducement if, first, they believed the idea was, in fact, not patented and, second, how does this show any will or intent to induce?  The companies were under the impression that a search was done and that everything was in order.  Does not inducement  require awareness of the infringement?


Twitter Under Assault from Patent Troll

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United States Patent and Trademark Office seal
Image via Wikipedia

Okay, I know, after following the music industry for so many years, I should not be shocked or amazed. I am sorry, sometimes I still trip. This one is certainly another “Things that make you go Hmm”. The story originally was posted at TechCrunch and then, accidentally, brought to the attention of TechDirt.

VS Technologies is sueing Twitter. I don’t like this…. LEAVE TWITTER ALONE! Yes, I know caps are rude but not as rude as what follows, I am just trying to desensitize you.

Also this will seem much clearer if you ingest large quantities of alcohol but do not drink until it does make sense, you will feel real bad in the AM.

By some type of patent assessment process perhaps more similar to a lottery than any thought process, VS Technologies was actually awarded a patent in 2002. Being a good patent troll company, they did nothing with it. In fact, they don’t seem to even have a web site. I think it might even be short for “verses technology”…

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