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U901 - The 18th Chamber

U901 – The 18th Chamber

Warning – The material reviewed below has explicit language and subject material most would consider not safe for work. If this type of material offends you please respect the artist’s right to freedom of expression and exercise your right to freedom of choice and read another review at Indie Nation.

As usual, I have far more material in my inbox than time to review it all. However, I shall get to it all, in order, as rapidly as possible. I shall keep my pledge to “listen to the bad music so you don’t have to”. If you are a musician awaiting a response either I didn’t like your material or I just haven’t gotten to you yet. Be patient, sooner or later you will know.

I shall also continue to write positive-only reviews for the material that I happen on and like. Today, I would like to thank Undefined 901 or “U901” for giving me something to rave about. I don’t know much about the band other than they are from Memphis Tennesee.

2013.08.09 – The LumpCast

The LumpCast, Another Show of Eclectic Podsafe Music

Welcome to this week’s episode of The LumpCast. We opened with, as I almost always do, Housy Grooves by Dr. H.P. Winkler. The original net label is no more. However, you can find this awesome house tune at

This week’s episode features the music of Seer, Tvs Kyle, The Hush Now, Steve Goodie and many more. Join Lumpy as he spins swing, rock, hip hop and just about every other genre known to man.

You can get the full show notes and listen to the entire show at The LumpCast.

2012 – Week 1 – Bands On Tour This Week

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2012 – Week 1 – Bands On Tour This Week

The American rock band Keelhaul performing at ...

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Welcome to week one of 2012. There are a good number of bands on tour: DEADIRON, Jovan Ivey, Cathy Miller, Purple Monkey Sircus, Jason Patrick Myers, Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, Downplay, and Silverlights.

Male Fertility and Honeybee Decline Related to Cell Phones?

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Angel with mobile phone

Image by Meneer De Braker (Akbar2) via Flickr

This one has the bees falling out of the sky and I can not resist to jest, rather in involves the “birds and the Bees”. So far the birds are doing well but the cell phones may be killing off the honeybees and get this, male fertility!  Then again, how many times have we heard that they can cause brain tumors? However, two separate  post are making the claims of cellular damage.  The first regarding an insect vital to our agriculture, from, I quote:

In his experiment, Favre placed two cell phones inside a bee hive and set up equipment to record the sounds of the bees when the phones were off, in stand-by mode, and active in a phone call. After the phones had been on for about 20 – 40 minutes, the bees began to make a high pitched squeaking sound known as “piping.” This sound is usually a single made by the bees to announce swarming or that the hive is in danger. However, even after the phone signals running for 20 hours and the “piping” sound continuing, the bees did not swarm. Within only two minutes of the cell phones being turned off, the bees calmed down to their original state.

The article states that there may be a link between cell phones and colony collapse disorder or CCD whish has recently taken a toll on the Honeybee population.  Skeptics, however, are not convinced that this is conclusive.  It may show that cell phones in close proximity to a hive may alter the behavior of the colony, how many people charge their cell phones in the apiary

Stupid as Charged – Episode 002 – Goats and Woman’s Prison – NSFW

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NSFW is tasty

Image by superpixel via Flickr

This is a podcast of Jeff and I actually doing podcasts.  We are each recording a separate news items.  More or less, these are a few of those news stories that we could not make up.

We wish to get it out of the way immediately.  This is a NSFW podcast which means it is Not Safe For Work.    This podcast contains adult content and is intended for an adult audience.

First I read one that may be considered a warm up, a man, who thought he was taking a shortcut to a local park, ends up trapped in a woman’s prison.  In a cute twist of irony, the town’s mayor called the police to rescue him.

Story two is what we spend the bulk of our amazement on, it is a twisted, sick, hard to believe oddity. All I will say here is that it involves a pygmy goat, one twisted male and women’s undergarments.

Then there is the music

A Conversation with Anouschka – Part Two

POSTED ON July 15th  - POSTED IN independent music, interviews, music, Podcasts

The conversation originally took place on 19 December, 2009. It was right after she had just finished a tour, released a new album and just before she was about to head off to the African Bush as a volunteer field guide trainee.

This is the second of two edited and mixed interview. The first part is here. I tried to produce them in a manner that the order is not important, however, this one focused more on her most recent release, “So Why?”. This interview was more interview than music. The first part is more like short Q&A with a whole lot of music. Regardless, I think they are both excellent and, like her music, a just a different style.

Anouschka is an awesome person and a great conservationist, it was a pleasure to be graced with so much of her time to get this interview. Here is an outline of this conversation, songs in bold and interview questions in regular type:

  • We talk about her new release “So Why” and play the title track So Why
  • We talked about some of the musicians on the album and then we spun Vagrant of the Winds
  • I asked her about House of My Father and then we played it
  • We chatted about her trip to Africa and her song Silently
  • I closed the show with One of the Finer Days

You can purchase her music at Amazon, Anouschka and The CD Baby links below.

Anouschka: Anouschka
Anouschka: My Kind of Heartbreak
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