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2014.03.03 – The Walking Dead – Episode 12

Daryl Dixon - 10" McFarlane - (Photo III)

Daryl Dixon – 10″ McFarlane – (Photo III) (Photo credit: Marcos Teixeira de Freitas)

The Walking Dead Review – Episode 12 – Beer Run


Listen in as we talk about The Walking Dead which Lumpy dubbed “Beer Run”.  Technically, its title is “still”. We found it interesting that they spent so much time on just two characters in one episode.  However, who doesn’t love Daryl?

Through Gamer Goggles News

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Hey listeners it has been awhile since we have aired Through Gamer Goggles News, but we wanted to let you know it’s coming back.  That’s right next week, Tuesday April 2nd, we will return at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.   We will take a look at one of the recent Kickstarter project from GreenBrieR Games Zpocalypse.  Jeff Gracia from GreenBrier Games will be joining us live discuss the semi – cooperative board game and its future.

Play Any Game With This Much Sportsmanship And Both Teams Win

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In this day and age, it seems that almost everybody is out for themselves. It’s a dog eat dog world right? Battle of the fittest?

Sometimes in life, a video is all we need to remind us that there are people who are genuinely great human beings, that truly care about others and as the old adage goes “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This clip is from “On the Road” with Steve Hartman, and I am not ashamed to say that it brought tears to my eyes. I hope that it will do for you what it has done for me, and restore a bit of your faith in humanity. Games are not always about winning, sometimes they are about things that are far more profound. Things that touch the heart, inspire us to do better, to be better, to love more, to laugh, and to not be afraid to cry happy tears. Watch, enjoy, and if this story has touched your heart as it has mine, share.

Amber Ojeda to Play Venice Tomorrow

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Venice Beach and Boardwalk

I am busy digging out my always over-stuffed inbox.  As a station manager, I reckon that is a nice problem to have…  I know that more than a few of you dig every time we play Amber Ojeda.  She has a gig tomorrow and I thought a quick post was in order. I am just going to quote the email:

On 11.11.11 I will be performing an ALL AGES SHOW along side some of my favorite musician’s Mic Holden & Bryce Wilson. This is my first time at The Witz End so come out and show this new venue some love with me!!

Also performing is the vibrant Adam Stern who is releasing his sophomore album “Cosmicology”. I can’t say enough about this performer. Not only is he a good friend, but a brilliant musician and songwriter whom I respect very much.

I have a feeling this is going to be a very special evening. I hope you can make it out to share it with us.

The doors open at 7 PM and Amber goes on at 9 PM.  Admission is 10 dollars.  Again it is at

Witz End
1717 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
Corner of Lincoln Blvd. & Superba

Get tickets here

2011.07.25 – Pick of the Day – Carousel by Jana Mashonee


Time to Go Round and Round

Jana Mashonee While our Senators, Congressional Representative seem to be going round and round in and ugly way regarding the debt crisis, it is actually a day to celebrate something that actually should go round and round. Today is National Carousel Day.  According to, it was created to honor the invention of William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa.  He is the man who is credited with the invention of the now staple amusement park ride by patenting it in 1871.

While many of the original, hand crafted “merry go-rounds” have fallen victim to time and gone down the same road as the rotary phone, it is nice to know that there is still a day to honor this beautiful and awesome older tech.  For those of you interested in learning more, check out The National Carousel Association.

What does aLevel 50 Dark Elf Smell Like?

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D&D it’s in the smell!

Dungeons & Dragons Logo

Image via Wikipedia


Do you spend days with graph, paper dice, Coca Cola and cold pizza?  Want to smell like a Dungeon and Dragon DM?  Well not only is May 11, D&D Encounter Day but, just in case five continuous days of RPGing does not have you smelling orcish enough, you can now add even more realism with scent.   Yes, dragon heads, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has released a line of RPG scents.

The Rouge scent, for example is described as:

Soft, well-worn black leather, hemp, and rosin.

The line includes scents for classes, races and even alignments.

I am scared to death as to what a Dark Elf smells like,  seems to be it would smell like Obama.



2011.03.30-Wednesday Night Live Part 3 – Mostly Tech Talk

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USSR stamp dedicated to Albert Einstein

Image via Wikipedia

We started off by talking about the band, Lestat, that we closed out the previous show with.  The band recently played out live and Steve had a chance to see them.  We remind the listeners that you can find Lestat at FaceBook.

We also noticed that we were being joined by a scanner or AM radio.  At first we thought it was Jeff’s scanner but after almost a week of gremlin chasing, we narrowed it down to a patch cord acting as an AM receiver.  Once we got away from the scanner conversation, we had a nice long run of tech talk and news.  Eventually, we got back to music.

Jacob Barnet 12 year old genius tackles relativity

This kid is amazing, he taught himself algebra, geometry, triginometry, calculus and physics in a week. With an IQ of 170, Einstein need just move on over and give it up to the boy genius. He started attending Purdue at age 8 and the now 12 year old is about to leave Purdue to do astrophysics research. Pretty nice first gig eh?  While other children his age might be tackleing a paper route, Jacob Barnet seems to be topping that by light years.  The 12 year old slightly autistic genius may have advanced Einstien’s theory of relativity.  The scientists at Princeton are looking over the young man’s calculations and think he may be on to something!

Engineer No More – Now I Play with Legos for Pay

POSTED ON January 31st  - POSTED IN news, Opinion
A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...
Image via Wikipedia

So you have a degree in aerospace, you have been looking for work for about a year and you just decided to pass on attending the job fair this weekend?

For most that may not be the best career choice but, in the case of  Cal Walsh, a 24 year old University of Texas graduate, it makes perfect sense.  Cal is going to pass on engineering and, instead, play with Legos for a living.  Cal is the winner of the a competition which awarded him the title of master Lego model builder at Lego Land in California.   Had I known about this contest and the 37.5 K per year salary, I think I might have stolen my nephews Lego sets and entered.

Cal stated that he took creative input from the crowd and used it to tweak his models as he built them.  All in all, just kewl and what an awesome job to have.

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