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2016.01.02 – Pick of the Day – National Science Fiction Day – Jeff Ronay – Open the Pod Door HAL


National Science Fiction Day – Jeff Ronay – Open the Pod Door HAL

Happy 2016 listeners and welcome to the first “Pick of the Day” for 2016. Today is National Science Fiction Day. The second of January has been because it also the birthdate of Isaac Asimov. I will let you know more about today’s artist, Jeff Ronay, after the break and some trivia fact about today.

An interview with Dan the Bard


Dan the Bard

Dan Marcotte is a well-rounded  bard. According to his Bio Page:


Dan the Bard

What can I say? I’m a Bard! I walk the land, singing songs, telling tales, and doing good deeds! I play all sorts of instruments like the Renaissance Lute, the Egyptian Oud, Elizabethan Cittern, Turkish Laouta, German Lautenguitar, Medieval Gittern, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Mandolin, Penny Whistle, Bodhran, and of course Trumpet. I perform at small and large Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conventions like GENCON INDY, GARYCON, WINDYCON, 3CON, DUCKCON, CODCON, ACEN, and C2E2. I’m the Music Director of the Bristol Renaissance Faire where I perform all summer. Yes, I do birthdays and weddings.

I also do a lot of mainstream music and storytelling in schools and libraries with my partner Judith Heineman. And I’m a founding member of The Whiskey Brothers Irish Band! I grew up in Schaumburg, IL, and was (and still am) a Dungeons and Dragons playing Band Geek.. I went to Illinois Wesleyan University for my undergrad, with the intent on being a band director. Somewhere during that time, I got it into my head that I wanted to be a bard, but I didn’t know how to start. So I got my Masters Degree in Renaissance and Medieval Music from Florida State University. Upon completion of the degree and my thesis, The Ap Huw Manuscript and the Welsh Bardic Tradition, I announced that from that day forth I would walk the land, singing songs, telling tales, and doing good deeds.

He was kind to give us some time at Gen Con 2014. Listen in as we talk about:

  • What led him to the bard’s life
  • The instruments he plays
  • D&D is, of course mentioned
  • How long he has done this and music in general
  • His inspirations and influences
  • How he created his unique niche
  • His thoughts on the new media order
  • How many Cons he does
  • We digress to Jonathan Coulton for a bit

You can find Dan the Bard on the web at:

An Interview with Il Troubadore


Il Troubadoure

Il Troubadore

Il Troubadore

Yes, Gen Con 2014 ended over a month ago and I am still publishing interviews. I am typing and editing as fast as I can. I ended up with a gluttonous amount of material but I promise you I will get them all done. However, between work, lack of drive space, ancient machines (my newest is 10 years old), a WordPress update eating the website, biological necessities and carpal tunnel I just can’t move any faster. Please be patient.

While there are a good number of very unique acts at Gen Con such as Five Year Mission, a Star Trek Themed band and Marc Gunn who theme is Sci-Fi, cats and hobbits, this act may well take the cake.

They dub themselves as a 16th century rock band.  While the entire ensemble was not present, the two, Robert Bruce Scott and Jon Silpayamanant, who performed put on quite the show. Robert Bruce Scott delivered an excellent solo performance.

They perform in numerous languages, blend classical style, opera and much more. They are likely the only band on the planet to do an Ewok song from the original Star Wars movie. (That’s right, Lucas took it out of the DVD releases.)  I also don’t ever recall a cello and mandolin covering Crazy Train, Stray Cat Strut and many other pop tunes. 

  • How many languages they sing in
  • Their influences
  • Their musical background
  • Their latest album, all around Star Wars
  • Thier take on the new media order
  • Advice to individuals who want to do what they do
  • Their musical backgrounds

You can find Il Troubadoure on the web at:


15th Annual Indie Gathering – 2011 update 28 Aug

POSTED ON August 28th  - POSTED IN Community, Entertainment, Movies, news

The 15th annual indie gathering update #1

Indie Gathering Logo

Update for Saturday and Sunday:

So far many awards have been issued for film scores, scripts and the films as well.  A broad array of type of films where showcased both including the music related to them as well. From Comedies, Drama, Sci-fi and Documentaries the list is detailed on The Indie Gathering website.  The list of the 2011 winners including email addresses for each winner that was honor,  this is a great way to network with those involved in the craft of Independent films and music production.  Where else can you find such information and contacts but at the Annual Indie Gathering.   Wow!  awesome stuff to be able to network with the many groups and individuals  involved in such a large project and sharing their talent with the public.

Truly International:

The Annual Indie Gathering was truly international  with members from The United States, Canada, Europe, and more.  Such an event just get bigger each year.  Sci-fi fans as well had their spot as part of the event on Sunday will showcase Sci-fi,  this on top of the FX and make-up competition that was shown on Saturday.  So much going on and trying to stay up to date in real time is impossible, but at the same time @lumpy is having a blast and will sure come home with tons of pictures and interview segments.

Who will be the next Jackie Chan?

There were stunt people performing live fight scene as part of the competition.  Talk about 15 minutes of fame, some of the competition were showcased with two minutes of less. All ages competed in different events, under 12 years old and 40+ years,  who will be the next Jackie Chan you never know with the talented people that puts some of the current action movies to shame.

What’s next?

Trying to summaries such an event in a few paragraph doesn’t do justice to the Annual Indie Gathering.  We will do our best in the coming day to share what saw and heard.   Just you need to be there to truly grasp how large this event is.


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