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News – New Google Jobs: Thanks to the Purchase of Motorola Mobility

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Want to work for Google?, on Motorola well..

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Motorola Mobility was bought by Google . this give Google another ‘leg up’ in the tech market as the Motorola Mobility division now will be branded Google.  This also opens the doors to more tech jobs,  as of July 2011 it is estimated that there are just over 4 million jobs in the tech market, up over 120,000 from this same time in 2010.  This is sure a good thing,  however the sale of Motorola Mobility  to Google has yet to be approved by regulators, but nothing to indicate that is wont happen.   More details on shed some light on what this could mean for the job market.

Imaging having the ability to develop the Android (Google’s Linux based OS for handsets and tablets) using Motorola‘s amazing hardware!   I see this as plus for the tech market as well as the job market. Win win, but of course right now it is wait and see.  Did you like this article? We would love to hear from you comments about this,  just comment below or send a twitter message with the hash tag of #motorola to us @indienationfm.


Live long and be tech..

Interview with Daria Musk and RAM – Part 4

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Here’s is Part 4 of the great interview we here at Indienation got to have with the amazing Daria Musk and RAM.

Common colors used in sidewalk chalk.

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They’ve taken the internet by storm lately as their second live concert using the Hangout feature through Google+ had attracted more than 9 ,000 listeners from over 100 countries. Impressed? Find out about this and more!

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