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2014.09.22 – TNN – Tech News


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Monday Night News

This is the Tech News portion of our news show here at  If you wish to listen to the full two hour show it posted earlier.

We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air. We do the show live almost every Monday from 8-10 PM DST. To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Tech Net News and Opinion

Monday Night News

We opened this week’s show with Titanic and Cape Cod Girls from the album Choice Cuts by Water Street Bridge. You can find out more about this band by listening to the interview at the end of the newscast or by checking out the individual posting of the interview on Indie Nation. Join Brian and Lumpy as they discuss some Walking Dead spoilers and rumors, Google news in general, drones vs Star Wars and more in tech and science news. We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air.  To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

General Site Contact Information

Walking Dead News

  • First off, the season premier is 12 October
  • Season 5 Episode 2 – Another character from the comic, Father Gabriel.
    •  Carol is supposedly back at the end of the premier
  • FYI – Lumpy did check, Walking Dead Season  Marathon begins on 6 October
  • The Air Herald reports that there will be a spin off
  • There is talk about Beth, it seem that a trailer gave that and a few other things away

Closing Tunes

We closed with a few more tracks from Water Street Bridge:

  • Pay Me/Iko
  • Zombie Jamboree
  • Lumpy’s Interview with them at Gen Con 2014

US Banks Endure Week Long Cyber Attacks

POSTED ON September 29th  - POSTED IN news


Cyber Attack On Major US Banks

Cyber-attack on

An article over at reports that “at least half a dozen banks”, including a few major banks such as Citigroup and Chase, have been victims of some unusually heavy “denial of service” or DoS attacks.  These attacks basically flood the company’s server(s) with junk data reducing it’s ability to service customers to a crawl.  While these attacks are a annoyance to customers and companies, any compromised private data is unlikely.

Rent to Own PC Companies Had Spyware on Over 420,000 PCs

POSTED ON September 27th  - POSTED IN Law, news, Opinion, Tech and Net Opinion, Technology

Spyware (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can not imagine the rage of those who have these computers in their homes.  According to ARSTechnica, hundreds of thousands of computers are, best word in my opinion, infected with spyware.  I mean one would be frustrated enough to just have malware but how would you feel if you found out that the company you rented the machine from actually installed it… furthermore, what if you found out they had video of you during sex?

2012.01.30 – Tech Net News and Opinion – 007


Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 007 – 2012.01.30

Greetings Listeners,

The Hush Now at The Roc Bar

Wi-Fi Signal logo
In this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion, we discuss, Newt Gingrich being sued for IP law violations, a super hot X-ray laser, capturing Wi-Fi passwords and fake projects at Apple.  So tune in enjoy the music and our chat about the various news items.

2012.01.09 – Tech Net News and Opinion

POSTED ON January 14th  - POSTED IN site

Tech Net News and Opinion – 2012.01.09

Planet WAP-4000

Image via Wikipedia

Tonight’s live streaming news show staff members and participating listeners will share and discuss, a WAP security flaw, an app to help you boycott SOPA, Gorilla Glasses and Ramnit. In between it will feature the music of Andrew Bonnis, Polina Kourakina, Sea Monkey, Mercury Project and many more!

Tech Net News and Opinion 003


Greetings Listeners, In this episode we will spin some great indie music and discuss OpenDNS, Native Client, debunking of the bandwidth hog, more woes for Adobe, and browser security.

As usual, we started with some music:

  • We started with a few from Brother Love
    • Soccer Girl
    • Push
  • From Alice Cooper
    • I’m Eighteen
    • No More Mr Nice Guy
  • From Chance
    • Independent
    • Finger on the Trigger Makes a Man Feel Bigger

Band Width Hog Myth Debunked

A study done by DSL Reports seems to beating up a falacy. TechDirt reports that the myth of the “bandwidth hog” has long been used as a justification for band width caps. To be brief and short, the study can find no data to back the ISPs claims. The article at TechDirt also states that, since many ISPs will not provide any data to back their claims, they are and have been well aware of the fact that the bandwidth hog is not disruptive.

Back to the queue for more music:

Google Chrome Reported to be the Most Secure Browser

Ars Technica tells us of a study done by Accuvant Labs regarding the security of Explorer, Chrome and Firefox quote:

The research was funded by Google, which might make any reasonable person suspicious of its conclusions. Accuvant insists that Google gave it “a clear directive to provide readers with an objective understanding of relative browser security” and that the conclusions in the paper “are those of Accuvant Labs, based on our independent data collection.” Accuvant also made the supporting data available as a separate download so that it can be scrutinized by other researchers.

The article states that the 102 page report is very fair and the lab stated it will update the report as the browsers continue to develop.

Introducing DNSCrypt

Quoting the OpenDNS web site:

DNSCrypt has the potential to be the most impactful advancement in Internet security since SSL, significantly improving every single Internet user’s online security and privacy.

Although only currently available on the Mac platform. The design uses encryption but not SSL to communicate with OpenDNS and keep everything private and confidential. It is described as lightweight and the site claims it would eliminate spoofing, spying and any man in the middle attacks.
More music:
  • Three from Jeff Ronay
    • Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag
    • Someone Took the Money
    • Open the Pod Door Hal

More Woes for Adobe and Flash

CNET is reporting the the troubles for Flash just won’t seem to stop. The Adobe company’s Reader program has vulnerabilities. Similar problems are reported in Flash Player In both the Mac and Window versions the program can be hacked to crash and the culprit can gain control of the computer.

The article states that it gets around the Internet Explorer sandbox on windows machines. It also states that it is unknown how or if it works in other browser. While some versions of Adobe products have fixed the problem, others are not expected to be mended for about a month. The article suggest using alternative products.

New Windows Defender Runs Outside Windows

CNET reports via an instructional article that the newer version of Windows Defender will be able to run outside of the Windows OS. The malware protection software will be available in both 32 and 64 bit versions and could be run off a thumbdrive, CD, or DVD. The program is under 300 MB in size and also offers the option of saving it as an ISO file vs. an executable program.

A few more songs:

  • From Pale Hollow
    • Rolling Through The Days
    • Satisfied Mind

“Native Client” Showcased at Google

After hearing about this one, I asked “how can one not be impressed”. According to a post at CNET, Google had unveiled a project it has kept under wraps for three years. Native Client, as it is called, is claimed to improve browser performance by by two to ten times.

To demonstrate this, they played games in a browser tab… games normally played in a console. Those who viewed the demonstration claim that the games moved smoothly and performed well. Native Client, also dubbed NaCl, is open source.

The goals, according to the Google spokesperson are to bring more to the web and security. They state they are in the “prove it” state of the technology. The review at CNET is more extensive and has a very impressive video of the platform in action. Native Client is to go public in 2012.

Mother Refuses to Give up on Baby Pronounce Dead

This one was a last minute addition thanks to Cleta and Meshelly.

We closed it out with three more songs:

  • From MC Lars
    • What Is Hip-Hop?
    • Distant Planet
    • The Giving Tree

Tech and Net – News and Opinion – Episode 002


Tech and Net News and Opinion, Monday, 5 December 2011

This week we will discuss things net, tech and kewl including “earthscrapers”, a printer hack, a hybrid hard drive, a Grooveshark whistleblower, hackers hit the UN and Global Chokepoint. We wish to warn the listener in advance that there is some material in this podcast that would be considered not safe for work or children.

School Children Receive Medical Records as Scrap Paper

POSTED ON November 25th  - POSTED IN Indie Nation News, news, Podcasts, Stupid, Things that make you go hmmm

Medical Records and Frig Art

A stack of manila paper.

Image via Wikipedia

A post over at Slashdot leads us to a story that should flag some privacy concerns.  CBS Minestota reports that “scrap paper” with private information about Paula White, a woman from Saint Paul, was used as children’s drawing paper at Hale Elementary in Minneapolis.  A parent noticed it while tidying up her kitchen.  The paper on the mother’s frig contained date of birth, name and medical information.

The school, after being informed of the incident, found more paper that contained patient information.  Further investigation discovered that the papers originated from the law firm that represented Paula White after she was involved in an accident.  At first, the firm could not explain how the school got the documents but later admitted that one of their paralegals donated it.

Dropbox security bug temporarily allowed logins without authentication

POSTED ON June 21st  - POSTED IN Business, Community, Technology
Image representing Dropbox as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

According to a article on Tuaw Dropbox security bug temporarily allowed logins without authentication. According to the article at Tuaw.

Earlier today, A code update to Dropbox introduced a bug that temporarily allowed access to users’ accounts and files without authentication via the company’s web interface.For approximately four hours, from the time that Dropbox made the changes until the service’s developers were able to correct the error, user accounts were accessible by merely typing in the email address associated with the account.

On their own blog Dropbox said this never should have happen and they are conducting a thorough investigation of related activity to understand whether any accounts were improperly accessed. And if  they identify any specific instances of unusual activity, we’ll immediately notify the account owner.

If you’re concerned about any activity that has occurred in your account, you can contact them at


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