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2011.08.01 Pick of the Day – Candye Kane – Superhero

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Sling a Web and Swing, It’s Spiderman Day!

Candye Kane - SuperheroToday is a holiday Lumpy can easily get excited about.  A holiday in honor of one of his favorite superheros.  Today is Spiderman Day! w00t!

I am not sure exactly what one is supposed to do to celebrate such a day but I am sure going to see if my library has any of the movies on the shelf.  I had thought about rigging up a way to swing about the neighborhood but the staff here has warned me that the sight of me in a tight brightly colored suit would likely land me in mental ward.  If any hot red heads out there are willing to try that upside down kiss thing, drop me a line.

The Great Cheese Wheel Theft

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The Great Cheese Wheel Theft

Blue Stilton PDO Cheese, one quarter of a half...

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I know the prices are steep at Whole Foods but I would have never thought that 3 wheels of cheese could add up to almost 600.00.  However, if you currently reside near Bend, Oregon and are invited to a wine and cheese party featuring three large wheels of cheese… be suspicious.  The Huffington Post reports that two women made off with nearly 600 dollars worth of cheese from Whole Foods.


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Hello Everyone David Here from

Here is a nice tip to help get your company or brand name out there for next to nothing.  Free Business Cards and other items just having to pay for shipping.  The being said;  I used the company called I have ordered not only 250 free Business cards for only about $5 for shipping, I also ordered Rubber stamps, Car door magnets, Bumper stickers, Key-chains, ink pens, mouse pads and much much more. They have a great selection and they do a wonderful job at printing everything. With over 3000 designs to choice from or you can upload your own images Vistaprint is a great way to start. Click on some of the links to check them out, at that quality for that price you can not go wrong.

A few more things they offer is Website Hosting, but as well as Logo’s, (800) Numbers, T-shirts, Hoodies, Coffee mugs, Engraved Pens.

But that’s only a few things, check them out online at


Thanks From and

Aliens invade!

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Nibbler wants your head!

We all know the show Futurama, well any self respecting sci-fi fan does.  If you are not familiar with the show.  It takes place a 1,o00 years in the future, with a man that was froze over that time period.  There are one eyed mutants, martians, robots, and of course aliens.   My favorite alien is Lord Nibbler the Nibblonian.  ALL HAIL LORD NIBBLER!

Polaroid t730 Digital Camera Review With Driver Download

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Hello, Everyone

David Here from Indienation.Fm and

Bright, Clear 7.0 Mega pixels cam with a 2.5inch screen has many easy to use features. With some research coming to find out that, if the included software disk get lost finding the Driver or the software online is really hard to find even going to will not have drives or anything for Cameras older then 1 year. and other search engines will only find the Camera online sales and forums with people asking for driver downloads. So If you have one of these cameras I would say do not lose your Software disk.

Also The Camera takes Great pictures and videos But when transferring the videos to a computer the video will run slow or faster then the audio, and the audio will skip but all be there. I have bought one of these Cameras and I like it, I still have my disk and I have decided to copy my Software disk and putting it online for others to download for free. That may help many people with that problem.   I will also recommend using Any Video Converter Pro to fix the problem with the Audio and Video Problem when it’s transferred to a Computer.

The Software and Driver Is online for FREE download at link below.

If you have any questions please email or contact me on


Thanks, David


What to give a geek for a gift?

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While pondering what to crochet next, the thought occurred that it is never to early to think about Christmas presents, especially when you are making them.  Then the thought was what do you give a Star Wars geek, that has every item practically ever made times 3.   Something with Darth Vader, an afghan perhaps?

The first thing to do was find an image that would work.  I found a black and white head outline of Darth.  Using a program that creates cross stitch patterns, I worked the Darth Vader image into a graph chart.  I have worked that 2 stitches equals one square on the chart.

This technique can be done with almost any picture.  I recommend not going over 6 colors, as the color changes can get a little difficult.  You will notice on the progress pictures that there are strands of yarn from each color.  It is easier to leave a longer piece of yarn, than cutting each strand on each row.  This ensures that the afghan does not come apart.

I am working on each day getting up to 10 rows done at a time.   Here is the progress so far.



If you would like more information on this afghan please contact me.

~Crafter aka Chris

Kewl Concept – Petri Dish CD

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Compact Disc player carousel for three CDs.

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I got word of this from Boing! Boing! and thought if rather novel.  An independent musician who is also a physicist, has released a CD with some awesome and novel packaging.  According to Boing! Boing!:

“A micrograph of stained penicillin is printed onto the CDs, which are presented in an attractive Petri Dish setting. The album sleeve notes come in the form of a 20-page scientific paper, telling you all you could ever wish to know about the origins, methods and results of this art/science endeavour, as well as full lyrics and some scientific background to explain the songs.”
I thought I might purchase one so I surfed on over to the artist’s site and I discovered , as noted in the comments, that it has also been done before!  Nonetheless, a CD, a research paper and a petri dish still seems like an awesome combo to this indie music geek.

Stupid As Charged – Episode 001 ~ Fishy High Cats Dead Cop Tickets.

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Stupid Idiots

Something fishy is watching me:



Bubbles was scheduled for a court appearance, she never made it.

OMFG I didn’t know that gold fish were considered creditable witness to a crime, but sure as shit.  This 19 year old from the Chicago area is arrested for burglary.  Also charged with killing the fish in the fish tank to Leave no witnesses. My hell he could have just ate them, or threatened them with a cat, a fishing pole.  How dumb do you have to be to kill fish using ketchup, mustard, and hot-sauce thinking they would go blug blub blub I saw him it was the one armed man!  I saw him do it.  Stoopid, kid only the babblefish from HitchHickers Guide to the Gallaxy would speak but then again its speaks out of its ass.  +1 on the stoopid scale for that one.


Willy Wonka’s Meth House, say what? :



Imaging you and your family and pets are enjoying a night at home, and you smell something funky from the downstairs apartment, and you realize that the pink elephant and walking mushroom aren’t real and your cat stops vomiting on your carpet.  You know something is up!  Well well don’t be too quick to judge here, in SOUTHWEST GREENSBURG, Pa, this happened to be the case.  The apartment renter claims he has 28 different chemicals in the apartment the man  Not Charged, Says He Was ‘Trying To Find New Novel Substances’


I wasn’t trying to make anything illegal,” he told Ingram.
When asked if he was specifically making the drug Ecstasy, the man replied,

“No, but things that might have the same effects as ecstasy, but not with the same chemical structure.”

Come on dude!  You aren’t Willy Wonka, and sure as hell were not making the ever lasting gobstopper.  +1 stoopid ass.  Now I wonder if the cat will recover.



Red light Green light, Tickets in Baltimore this dead cop write:

Officer James Fowler

Officer James Fowler (R.I.P)

Only in America ‘Trust Us’  , Baltimore Maryland has a system setup at many stop lights that will take a picture of red light runner, and mails the car owner a ticket in the mail.  Under law, the state of Maryland requires that all ‘photo cop’ pictures are reviewed by and sign by a real police officer.  The only problem for the past several month, these ‘hand signed’ violation were signed by an Officer that passed away in 2010.   Well then, if you pay these tickets guilty or not we say you are stoopid, and the city of Baltimore has one foot in the grave and suffers from cranial rectal inversion syndrome!  +1 If you cant trust stoopid dead Cops, you can’t trust anyone.



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