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Stream Star Wars Music and More

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Star Wars Music and More from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

I love music and enjoy many genres. One of my favorites is soundtracks. If you are a regular reader here, you also know I am a huge fan of Open Culture. Some movie franchises, James Bond for example, are known for their excellent scores. Some composers are, more or less, known only as film composers. Can you name one work by John Williams that is not a soundtrack?

If you are a Star Wars fan, check out the video below. Vader and some troopers even showed up for the event!

The Praugue Philharmanic Performs The Imperial March

The article at Open Culture includes links to even more soundtracks including, one of my all time favorites, 2001:A Space Odyssey. The article has both links and playlists. Some of the works mentioned go all the way back to silent movies… yeah, somewhat of an oxymoron eh?

Radiohead – Spectre

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Radiohead – Spectre

Radiohead live at Portugal

Radiohead live at Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I am not a fanatical James Bond fan, I confess I have most of the 007 films except for a few of recent ones. I am also certain, I will get around to the more recent releases when I happen on them this winter at my local library.  (A quick stop at Wikipedia list 24 titles, of which I have seen 21.)

One can not deny that the character is timeless. Mr. Bond has entertained at least four generations of fans. One could also say the same about the soundtracks. I don’t own any James Bond movies, but I still have a few cassette tapes of James Bond movie soundtracks. Seriously, what musician wouldn’t want to do music for a Bond film?

Furthermore, I am not a huge fan of Radiohead. I respect their work and it is obvious they have much talent, but I rarely listen to works such as Magic Beans except when I am occasionally in the mood for such. I am more of  a blues, jazz or hard rock listener. However, after hearing Spectre work by Radiohead, I am amazed that it was not actually included in the film. They put it up as a Christmas gift to their fans at their SoundCloud Page. They had the following to say:

Last year we were asked to write a theme tune for the Bond movie Spectre. Yes we were. It didn’t work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you.

In my humble opinion, they nailed it. It is perfect music for a Bond film. Especially since I went and listened to some of the material from the soundtrack.  It is a shame that “It didn’t work out”.  The track below is many times better than many of the tracks that are in the soundtrack.

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Put On the Spot – Actress Giorgiana Lascu Interviews Film Score Composer Danny Ryan


On the Spot and Not on the Couch

This particular interview is a bit different. While it is another one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering which is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, it is different from all the others in one respect.

What makes this one different is that it is not conducted by Lumpy. I know from much experience with “wannabes” that out of 100 people who come to me wishing to learn how to podcast less than 10 will actually follow through and do a single show. After that, less than 1 will actually stick with it long enough to put 7 shows under their belt. Most end up fading away with excuses about jobs, family, bad microphones and “the dog virus ate my podcast”.

Danny and Georgie

Danny Ryan and Georgie Lascu

When I met Georgie, as she likes to be called, she had expressed and interest in interviewing folks involved in indie film. I also know from years of teaching people the best way to get them going is to get them doing. Let them sit on the couch too long, they loose motivation to boredom and being “taught” too much. If the spark starts something smoldering, one best put wood on it while it is still hot.

She seemed genuinely interested and motivated. I asked her if I could put her on the spot and she agreed. Not only did she do a great job on this, he first ever, stone-cold-on-the-spot-with-no-prep-time interview, she is now one of our stations newest interns and still motivated as ever.  While she did actually sit on a couch for this particular interview, she is not a couch-sitter like the 99% percent who spend most of their life dreaming and wishing.  Georgie did a “georgous” job by “doing” this interview.  She also placed second in the acting competition.  You can get in touch with Georgie at and friend this young talented actress on Facebook.  You can also soon see her act in a soon to be released episode of The Black Ice Chronicles.

Speaking of young and talented, opposite on the couch from our green staff member, sat an equally young and talented film score composer.  While I did not get to check out much of Danny Ryan‘s work at the event, he was nice enough to give me a DVD of his work.  I have watched it three times since the event and absolutely love how he adds much emotion to the scenes he scored. There is a difference between background music and a film score.  Background music is just that.  A film score adds drama and impact to a scene.  This young man really gets that.  I particularly like the “alphabet soup” scene.

Film Score Composer, Danny Ryan, showing his work at the 2011 Indie Gathering

Danny and Georgie may not have technically done the best interview.  I have taught Georgie much about using the Zoom since her first five minutes of exposure to it.  However, they are both excellent examples of advice given by many producers, actors, writers, directors and almost every single individual I interviewed at the event.  You become a writer, director, producer, actor or whatever by writing, directing, producing, acting or whatevering.  I know that if you listen to this interview, you will see that they both have fire and passion in them for what they do.  I don’t see these two fading away.

I must confess, that I often get frustrated with all the wannabes out there.. they burn me out and wear me down… they make me feel like I am wasting my time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater, it is not like that.. each to their own. All I ask is that one act in  honesty and stop teasing with false promises.  It seems that more like to live in denial and avoidance than reality.  Get off the dam couch.

It is just nice to see something like this ignite to something more.  I am confident that you will hear more from both of these young “doers”.  It was a real joy and pleasure to meet both of them and watch an idea actually grow into something more.  Hippies like myself live for those moments.

Regarding The Indie Gathering, the  event is a must attend for anyone in the independent film industry. Whether you score movies, act, edit, direct, do make-up, costume or special effects, this is an event that you should mark on your calendar each and every year. The event features many, many screenings in three simultaneously running screening rooms, many seminars and demonstrations for all who attend and contests for those who enter. You can find out more about this event over at

Though many participate and coordinate this gala film festival that usually books most of the hotel, it is largely the work and efforts of Kristina Michelle (IMDb) and Ray Szuch.

You can find Ray at the IMDb, MySpace (as a martial artist), MySpace (as a stunt man), and as a producer, at LinkedIn

Ray is involved in or responsible for:

Halloween Sounding Music by Gavin Salkeld and Kevin Macleod

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Lumpy considers these two musicians very special.  They are really very into what I always call the  new media order.  They use the Creative Commons License to promote themselves and, at the same time, help podcasters like me and stations like us by allowing us to use awesome background music for voice overs, station promos and IDs.

Gavin is especially kewl.  For lack of a better name, he is our “in house music producer”.  He is the musician responsible for our background music in almost all of our IDs and promos.

I thought it would be a neat Halloween thing to create about a thirty minute podcast with very minimal chatter.  Something that you could play as the trick or treaters ding donged your door bell.  I ran on over to and got some appropriate noises. Then I did something that should please many of you, I talked very little.  Give out the candy, kids no tricks please, enjoy and happy Halloween.  I left out any station IDs or promos.  It is almost all music, perfect Halloween music in my opinion.

I started it off with Kevin MacLeod

  • Voices
  • Awkward Meeting
  • Classic Horror
  • Aftermath
  • The Dracula Waltz

Next some Gavin Salkeld

  • The Killing
  • Lost Souls
  • A Grim Discovery
  • Flashback
  • Give Yourself Up

2010.06.06 – Pick of the Day – Gavin Salkeld – Our In House Music Producer

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Gavin Salkeld

Our In House Music Producer

Yeah, I am still behind but gaining on all of these picks of the day that stacked up on my hard drive due to the gremlin attack on the server. Such is and so be, those of us who like this type of thing keep pluggin’ away at it. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor shall the best indie Internet station on the planet. Come to think of it, I don’t think the Romans had to deal with electrical substations taking out their servers. Trust me though, Indie Nation would be worse off if it were not for today’s pick. Gavin Salkeld is, for lack of a better term, our “In House Music Producer”. He is the guy who provides us with the kewl music you hear in our IDs and slogans. Personally, I consider Gavin a great e-friend who has done much to help not only my endeavors as a podcaster but all of at the station as well. He has done everything from being on The Lumpcast, to producing a special 20 minute mix of a film score he was working on and, he even hijacked my show for me on one occasion. Now, I must say that this post is in no way shape or form some type of “payback”. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Gavin is staff here because he does excellent music, understands music production, excels at studio work, is an awesome talent as a composer, and is an independent artist in both film and music. Seriously, do you think I would ask someone to be staff that I thought was sucky at such things? The reason this man is my pick for the day is the same reason he is staff. He is a very awesome independent artist and his final cuts rawk. Truth be told, Indie Nation could not exist with out artists like Gavin. We are proud to have him on board as staff. We would also like to thank him and all the other musicians, past, present and future who embrace the new media order and creative commons. Otherwise we would just be dead air.


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