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2014.09.29 – Tech Net News – Full Edition


2014.09.27 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Greetings Listeners,   Welcome to this episode of Tech Net News and Opinion.  This is the full show edition and usually runs about 2 hours in length.  We also publish topic related editions.  Typical topics are tech, Google, net, science, and government news.  When it is close to or during the season of The Walking Dead, we also discuss and review the AMC Show. In this show we discuss:

  • Some generalsite news
    • The new theme
    • The new editor
    • Lumpy is almost done with Gen Con

We opened the show with Sarah Donner and her two songs:

  • Going Under
  • Follow Suit

The tracks you heard were recorded live at this years Gen Con.  We would like to again thank her for both her time and her permission. Be sure and check out the interview lumpy got with Sarah at the Starbucks across from the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Be sure and listen at the end of the show for we will play some more music from her and the interview I got at this year’s Gen Con.

Sarah Donner

Tech Net News and Opinion

Indie Nation Science News

Mars New

Other Science News

Indie Nation Gaming News

Thank you for listening.  We welcome your feedback and comments.  There is contact information below. We would love for you to join us when we stream the show live.  You can join us in chat either by going to with your client and join #indienation or use our flash client on our Listen Page. We stream the shows live almost every Monday night from 8-10 PM DST.  Not only can you join us in chat but you may even be able to join the actual conversation.  Hail us in chat for details.

Contact Information

General Site Contact Information

The Closing Artist

We closed the show out with a few tracks and an interview with Sarah Donner

  • The Rebuttal of Schrodinger’s Cat
  • Her interview at Gen Con
  • Lovely, Lovely, Lovely

2014.09.22 – TNN – Science News


Indie Nation Science News

Tech Net News and Opinion

Monday Night News

This is the science news part of our news show here at

We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air. We do the show live almost every Monday from 8-10 PM DST. To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Tech Net News and Opinion

Monday Night News

We opened this week’s show with Titanic and Cape Cod Girls from the album Choice Cuts by Water Street Bridge. You can find out more about this band by listening to the interview at the end of the newscast or by checking out the individual posting of the interview on Indie Nation. Join Brian and Lumpy as they discuss some Walking Dead spoilers and rumors, Google news in general, drones vs Star Wars and more in tech and science news. We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air.  To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

General Site Contact Information

Walking Dead News

  • First off, the season premier is 12 October
  • Season 5 Episode 2 – Another character from the comic, Father Gabriel.
    •  Carol is supposedly back at the end of the premier
  • FYI – Lumpy did check, Walking Dead Season  Marathon begins on 6 October
  • The Air Herald reports that there will be a spin off
  • There is talk about Beth, it seem that a trailer gave that and a few other things away

Closing Tunes

We closed with a few more tracks from Water Street Bridge:

  • Pay Me/Iko
  • Zombie Jamboree
  • Lumpy’s Interview with them at Gen Con 2014

2014.08.25 – TNN – Science News


This is an edited version of our weekly news podcast.  We have divided the news into sections and decided to break them out as individual podcast as well as the complete show.  Please feel free to give us feedback.

Science News

Remember listeners, we encourage listener participation.  We do the news every Monday from 8-10 PM EST with the exception of the second Monday of each month and legal US holidays.  Feel free to get into IRC and join us in #indienation to get details on how to join us.

Be sure and find us on the social web:

2014.08.13 – The Amega Weapon at Gen Con


The Amega Weapon at Gen Con 2014

The Amega Weapon at Gen Con

The Amega Weapon at Gen Con

This is one of many interviews Lumpy got while attending Gen Con 2014.  If you want to follow all the interviews and concerts we covered at Gen Con, check out the Gen Con 2014 category page here at

In this interview, Lumpy catches up with one of the creators/developers of the new board game, The Amega Weapon. Listen in and find out if you can survive the black star in this space adventure board game.  Also check out the video (at the end of this post) for more information on the game.

While I didn’t get to actually play the game (or many others for I was at the con to do interviews and not play), I did not hear any negative feedback about it.  Anything I heard about the game at the con or after was either positive or, for some reason, confusion as to whether it actually exists.

I assure you it does exists.  It is a multi-player board game suitable for the entire family.  It is a high quality product with pewter pieces that they make themselves and a game with art work by Greg Winters (known for his Star Wars work).  Yes, they put effort into designing a great game but, also important, they put just as much into providing a high quality product and a great price for the gamer.

2014.08.25 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.08.25 –  Tech Net News and Opinion

Sarah Donner

Sarah Donner

Brian thought it might be a good idea to try and break the news up into more organized groups.  After only one show’s worth of hindsight, I would have to agree that it seems like  a great idea.  It certainly seems to encourage more conversation from the chat room and I already know it made it much easier on the post edit.

We opened with some Sarah Donner. They were live tracks recorded with her permission at this year’s 2014 Gen Con. The tracks were Going Under and Fossil Girl You can find out more about her at:

Using CCleaner to speed up your Microsoft Windows PC.

POSTED ON November 3rd  - POSTED IN Software

imageA great application that many people don’t know about is CCleaner. This application will clean out your temporary files, optimize your system registry, and increase your privacy with a number of products you use. Many people don’t realize it, but, you are accumulating files on your computer with typical daily use that don’t need to be there. Internet browser temporary files and Windows system files take up space on your computer and should be cleared up from time to time. I encourage everyone to head over to and download CCleaner. This is the best application currently out there to solve this problem. After installing the program you will see a bunch of check boxes for different things the program will clean up. Personally I choose to disable clearing my browser history and recently typed URLs under the browsers that I use regularly. If you don’t care about your browser remembering links you typed previously feel free to leave those options checked. I do however recommend checking to clear all Temporary Internet Files. People can get gigabytes of information stored there over a period of time.

imageThe Windows Explorer section doesn’t do anything that drastic so I tend to keep them all checked. Under system, however, there are some important boxes to check. I have in the past run into people who use their Recycle Bin as a storage area. They were shocked when I emptied their Recycle Bin and said “I had important files in there”… If this is your method of file backup I ask that you take your computer to your local charity and donate it for your own protection and for the benefit of someone less fortunate. The Recycle Bin is a trash bin. If you keep your important documents in the trash can out on the curb of your house and are surprised that the truck drove up and took them away this is the same situation. The next option is Temporary Files. These are files that your operating system creates and are usually not something you will need to access later. Clear out Memory Dumps also. Depending on your settings these can be very large at times. I check all but Font Cache in this section and have never had any issues. The Desktop and Start Menu Shortcuts option made me nervous at first, but, it seems to clear out icons that are no longer valid.

imageThe advanced section has some options that won’t make a huge difference. You will get a notification on some that you will need to restart certain services if you select those options. Choose what seems beneficial to you in this section. I would not recommend selecting Wipe Free Space unless you want to ensure that someone could not “undelete” files from your computer.

imageimageUnder Applications the top will show settings for each of your browsers. Internet Cache is fairly safe to remove. Internet History is depending on your personal preference. I would be cautious of whether to remove Cookies or not. Cookies are what remember your preferences for individual sites throughout the Internet. If you check the Saved Form Information box this will make your browsers forget information like City, State, and Address information that might be remembered from a previous form you may have filled out previously. At the bottom you will see a Compact Databases choice. Your database stores your bookmarks, history, and other data. CCleaner can defragment this database to help save some space.

imageThe Applications, Internet, Multimedia, Utilities, and Windows sections are based upon the software installed on your computer. There are not individual settings for each of these programs, but, it will not do any drastic changes to your application. I leave all of these checked so that files are not built up over time from these applications. It is fairly safe for you to choose all of these boxes.

At the bottom of the screen you have an Analyze option and a Run Cleaner option. If you Analyze it will only tell you what could be removed and how much space it would free up. This is generally a good idea when it is your first time running the application. This will give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into. If you are content with what it is telling you go ahead and press the Run Cleaner button. You will, however, need to close any browsers that you have open before pressing this button. If you do not close your browser it will not be able to clean out the temporary files in some instances.

registrycleanNext lets look at the Registry tab. The Windows Registry is a set of files that contain all of the settings for your Windows operating system. It will remember settings such as what program do you open a .doc file with or what programs will start-up when you logon to your computer. As programs are added, updated, or removed from your computer your registry will build up items that are broken or missing. The Registry cleaner will remove these items allowing your registry to run more quickly. If you are an advanced user you may see entries that you want to be there and don’t want to be detected in future scans of this application. You can right-click on that entry and add it to the Exclude List. Next time you select Scan for Issues it will not show that particular item in the results. The CCleaner Registry cleaner is not an aggressive registry cleaner. I have never had a case where it has caused problems with any computes that I have run it on so you should be fairly safe when using it. Select Fix selected issues and then choose Fix All Selected Issues. You may want to run this application once a week or once a month at a minimum. Many users will see some noticeable performance improvements from doing these steps. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will try to respond.

The iPhone Apps, Beer and NASA

POSTED ON June 17th  - POSTED IN Indie Nation News, news, Opinion, Podcasts, Software, Technology
Glass of beer

Image via Wikipedia

There seems to be no shortage on iPhone apps.  Everything form a case mod with and app to turn the phone into a bottle opener to whatever is limited only by your imagination.  Recently the iPhone is in the news again.

First, there is a controversial iPhone app that allows you to buy your friend a beer.  When this story was reported on my local six o’clock news, the reporters immediately pounced on the fact that it might allow minors to buy alcohol.  It is an app that allows you to send your friend a coupon to buy a him or her a beer.

One thing my local news pointed out was that, in order to install the app from, the installer must agree that he or she is 17 years or older.  Is there any state with a 17 year old drinking age?

Tech Geek News – The New Space Race

POSTED ON March 13th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, NASA, news, Technology
A NASA astronaut jokingly advertises a recover...

Image via Wikipedia

Greetings Listeners, Readers and Participants,

Welcome to our first attempt at “doing news live… sorta”.  Jeff and I have been wanting to get some news on this station for a while.  We thought it might be fun to try and do a show while streaming the process live and trying to get some chat/VOIP interaction. We start out with a bit of a rant and and digression.  William Shatner recorded a special wake up call for the Discovery and crew.  A wake up based on the intro to the original Star Trek series… It was all the rage and all the blogs picked it up.  Wait till you hear all the tunes Captain Kirk beat out.

Lunar X Competition Adds 7 More Contestants

The new space race is well under way.  It has been announced that the contest has added 7 more teams to the finals, bringing the total up to almost 30 contestants.  The teams consist of an eclectic mix of private companies, university teams and even a “mystery team” .    For the 29 entered teams the rules are pretty simple but the task is very hard.  The Google Lunar X Prize of 30 Million dollars will be awarded to the first team that privately launches a space craft, lands it on the moon, has it rove at least 500 meters and, of course,  sends data back to Earth.  The contest was first announced in 2007 and is expected to have a victor by 2015. (Lumpy had an entry idea that was rejected… it involved a very large catapult and snookie… we don’t think he would have won but it had high entertainment value.) For more news, click continue reading

Beer Enters the New Space Race

POSTED ON February 20th  - POSTED IN Indie Nation News, news, Podcasts
Astronaut Clayton Anderson watches as a water ...

Image via Wikipedia

Greetings Listeners and Readers,

Lumpy in the Indie Nation News Room;

As we approach the end of the Shuttle era, we have entered a new type of space race.  No longer are launches only done by nation states.  There is little doubt that space tourism is not far off.  That being said, picture yourself floating happily in micro-gravity, in awe of the blue orb as you orbit above it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beer with that?

According to an article over at Boing! Boing! you will be able to do just that. A company from Australia, 4 Pines Brewing Company, has developed a specially crafted brew that is designed to be more palatable in space.  The company explains that, as far as your tongue goes, things are much different in space.  It is harder to taste things.

The space beer will be heavier on flavor and lighter on bubbles.  It is lighter on the bubbles because when you burp in space both gas and liquid are burped up.

They are saying that the first batch if ready for testing.  I wonder are they launching the testers or are we going to allow astronauts to drink on the job?  Jesting aside, the first batch is to be sampled in Florida.

Thanks for listening, links will be in the show notes.  This post will be titled “Beer Enters the Space Race” and it will be tagged with beer, space, 4 Pines Brewing Company and news.

Background music provided by Gavin Salked.

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