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The FuMP Hits 1000 Releases with “1000 FuMPs”

1000 FuMPs – The 1000th Release by The FuMP

The Funny Music Project

The Funny Music Project

The FuMP are one of my favorites. They have helped us much by sharing their music. I am very happy to an awesome announcement about The Funny Music Project. They have just released their 1000th song, 1000 FuMPs.

Disclaimer and WarningThe podcast and music discussed in this post contain explicit lyrics and are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). If this type of freedom of expression might offend you, we suggest you exercise your freedom of choice and navigate to another post.

2013.08.09 – The LumpCast

The LumpCast, Another Show of Eclectic Podsafe Music

Welcome to this week’s episode of The LumpCast. We opened with, as I almost always do, Housy Grooves by Dr. H.P. Winkler. The original net label is no more. However, you can find this awesome house tune at

This week’s episode features the music of Seer, Tvs Kyle, The Hush Now, Steve Goodie and many more. Join Lumpy as he spins swing, rock, hip hop and just about every other genre known to man.

You can get the full show notes and listen to the entire show at The LumpCast.

2012.03.09 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek


2012.03.09-Friday Night Freak N’ Geek

Join Lumpy and Boz for Friday night Freak n’ Geek as they chat with Cleta, OmniDragon and Knowles as they join them via Teamspeak they talked about everything from Lumpy and Boz’s Cats, to the Corned beef, and split pea soup they are cooking and even talked about opossums in a pastry shop. They tell about the cigar they have tonight and the beer they will be sampling as they give a toast at the end of the show, lots of laughs, good stories, and great music.They started the show with some music from:

2012.02.17 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek


Friday Night Freak n Geek ventures into a nice sit down chat with someone who keeps you laughing: Phil Johnson from Roadside Attraction. Clever and creative, Phil shares with us his some of the methods to his madness. Plus we get to sample our Beer of the week – well almost as we actually ended up doing last call on the Lumpcast this fine evening. Along with the power of Lacuna Coil and Sick of Sarah – we thought it would be fitting to slip in Mark Kindler’s “Uncle Walt” in tribute to Walt Disney – I hope I didn’t break any copyright laws for just using that name!

Cristina Scabbia, singer of Lacuna Coil

Cristina Scabbia, singer of Lacuna Coil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012.02.04 – Indie Soup Live with Guests, “Dear You”

2012.02.04 –  Indie Soup Live with Guests, “Dear You”

.. who knows what you will hear next!

This week we are pleased to have musical guest, the members of the band, “Dear You”. Listen as we talk with them and spin some of their most excellent music. Louis Moore (drums), Danny Davis (guitar), and Mason McDonald (vocals/bass), 3 of the bands 4 members, were kewl enough to take some time our their schedule and join us via VOIP for an interview.


2012.01.27 – Indie Soup Live – More FuMPy!

.. who knows what you will hear next!

Sorry we are so far behind, Shelly and Lump have had too much other stuff going on. We promise to get them all caught up very soon.  Remember, you can catch us almost every Friday at Midnight EST on

For now, enjoy this episode of Indie Soup… where we continue with our “fumploration”, a lumpismic word meaning”exploration of The FuMP.  They have so much music to explore, we may stay on this deviation of our normal show format for a good while.



2011.10.28 – Boz and Lumpy – Mostly Halloween


Spooky, Kooky and Without Our Right Hand Man

Jonathan Coulton

The Mad Scientist Jonathan Coulton

Tonight’s podcast is a live show which originally streamed on 28 October, 2011. It was co-hosted by Boz and Lumpy. Tonight’s show is mostly Halloween themed.

We must caution the listeners that this show is both very long and very much not safe for work, small children and nuns.  It contains politically incorrect material and material sexual in nature… that and Georgie punches Boz.

Regrettably, Meshelly was busy getting tested for her potential hand transplant. Please give us a hand giving Meshelly a hand.

For those of you who do not know, Meshelly is our station’s programing director. Lumpy often calls her his “right hand man” which is an inside joke. You see, Michelle is not a man and she has no right hand. Currently, she is in line for a hand transplant. However, she needs to raise about 55K in order to fund this miracle of modern science. If is not a feat she shall achieve single handedly so please, get on over to Give Meshelly a Hand and help us out.

2011.10.20 – Halloween Show 001


Greetings Listeners,

Boz and Lump decided it was high time to get spooky and in the mood for Halloween!

We opened with “Halloween” by The Coffinshakers

Then two by The Martians:

  • Mulch The Undead Cowboy
  • The Pumpkin Grave

Boz and Lump on the mikes with some news

“Ice Cream Man” by Steve Goodie (Also check out The FuMP)

A few from Paul and Storm:

  • If They Might Be Giants Were the Ice Cream Man
  • Cheetos
  • Lame Monster Party

“Vampires Suck” by Odd Austin (Mevio) featuring Devo Spice

“My Crazy Woman” from Earl Clifton and The Pin Ups (Mevio)

Back for news:

“I Can’t Find My Penis Anymore” by Robert Lund of The FuMP (Mevio)

A Few from Tom Smith (Mevio), also with The FuMP (Mevio)

  • Undead Happy Trees
  • Zombie Pirates in Love

“NPR vs Zombies” from Smart Bomb Radio (Mevio)

“Frankenstein’s in the Mood” by Beau Hall (Mevio)

We closed it out with some old skewl Mercury Radio Theatre, Dracula

2010.11.20 – Indie Soup – Demented in Cyberland

POSTED ON November 24th  - POSTED IN Christmas, Comedy, Featured Podcast, Holiday, independent music, Indie Soup, music, Podcasts
Dr. Demento at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in...
Image via Wikipedia

This one was a lot of fun.  I have a thing for parody music, always have, always will.  If not check and see if aliens have taken over my body, then again, that might explain why I like such music.  I am not alone in this like, Yippie rather likes it too… as do many of you.  So this week, it shall be done in the spirit of the legendary Dr. Demento.

Although we are not worthy of a candle next to his spotlight, we can still present a musical argument that these parodies and comedy tunes are less lame and pale than the original pop versions. (We also play a mash up, something we rarely do. However, this mash up is actually the performering and his clone band doing several tunes, at the same time.)

I must also caution you the this is not a podcast that would be safe for work.  While we feel that there are appropriate times to maintain a G Rating, midnight EST on Friday night/Saturday morning are not one of them.  While there is nothing totally shocking, we do have some material that may make your boss unhappy, or your parents.  So if you are in one of the two categories, wait for a safe for work and kids show.

Yippie and I often do G Rated shows.  The “format” of Indie Soup is pretty simple, we pick a loose theme, spin indie music, attempt to play a few tracks by any given artists and try and keep our banter to a minimum.  Usually we stream the show live.  I do not record the actual live show but only the portions where we speak. I use Audacity to give the listener a show that does not suffer from any of the winamp shoutcast auto-fades. Not usually an issue for live shows but in this case, I used many sound effects in the show, the auto-fade can chop them.  In short, you get a better show.  Live is a bit different.

We don’t use all the banter from the live show in the recorded version.  Other times, we just record the show as we stream it.  It just depends.

If you wish to catch us live, tune in to Indie Nation, Friday at Midnight EST for Indie Soup.  Thanks for listening.

Black Water (The BP Version)

POSTED ON July 11th  - POSTED IN independent music, music, videos

I know we try and keep it non-political here but this one is just too funny to pass up. Beside, I think he is more honest about it than the six o’clock news and that house of white color in D.C.  That, and it is just on darn good parody.

I have had a few questions regarding this mess myself:

  • Why do we keep calling it a spill? I don’t understand how something gushing out of the ocean floor at 4000 PSI is a spill. I think geyser or fountain is a better description.
  • How did BP manage to get federal assistance, aren’t they a British company?
  • Shouldn’t we be talking liability and not assistance? Oh that’s right, more taxes to fix it. Does that mean that the citizens of the US are liable?
  • Why did their stock value increase?
  • When do you intend to buy anything from BP again?

Personally, I think Steve Goodie has it summed up darn good.

You can find out more about Steve Goodie, and many other comedy musicians, at and The FuMP. Kudos to Mr. Goodie! You can find out more about Steve at

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