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GuMix Radio 389 – 2015 on 33-45

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Awesome House Track, GuMix Radio – 389 – 2015 on 33-45

I listen to many podcasts. One of them I enjoy much is GuMix. I will get to more about this artist in a bit… a good long bit. The track I am sharing below is a long, awesome house track. Listeners, get your groove on with GuMix 389 – 2015 on 33-45. Will talk more about this track after the break. This is, in my opinion, an awesome hour and a half groove.

GuMix Radio 389 – 2015 on 33-45

2016.01.06 – POD – Technology Day – DJ Trackstyle -Ambientasia


2016.01.06 – Technology Day

Featuring Ambientasia by DJ Trackstyle

Today is National Technology Day. Personally, I have a serious love-hate relationship with technology. I love to try to use it but I hate fighting with my old PCs to make them work.

DJ TrackstyleI also love applied technology when it comes to music. I am not one of those who feel that synth music is soulless. I have been around synthesizers since the days of monophonic patch cord Moogs. I still have a DX7 sitting my studio and love electronic music.

It seemed appropriate to go with a synth song today. I found this artist way back in the day at the now non-existent Podsafe Music Network. I am going to spin Ambientasia by DJ Trackstyle

While most of the links in my notes are now useless, a few Google searches showed me that the DJ is still out there. You can find DJ Trackstyle at the links below.

Thanks for listening and downloading. Please remember to support the indie musicians.

2012.01.09 – Tech Net News and Opinion

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Tech Net News and Opinion – 2012.01.09

Planet WAP-4000

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Tonight’s live streaming news show staff members and participating listeners will share and discuss, a WAP security flaw, an app to help you boycott SOPA, Gorilla Glasses and Ramnit. In between it will feature the music of Andrew Bonnis, Polina Kourakina, Sea Monkey, Mercury Project and many more!

2011.03.30 – Wednesday Night Live Part One – Mercury Project

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Boy did this one turn into a 19 headed dragon.  It works like this, we use Wednesday Nights Live to record We rambled and played music for almost 6 hours.  In this first segment, we are  totally enthralled by this Mercury Project CD.  Steve “Boz” Bostwick brought this Cleveland independent band’s CD to the studio.  It is an example of why Boz is a recent addition to the Indie Nation Team.  The band also gave us a chance to do something you rarely hear any more.  Tonight’s shows are long because, with the artists permission, played entire albums.

We liked and discussed this album so much, that we touched not on much geek.  Then again, this album, a great example of a concept album is more than tech-geek enough to make up for any lack of tech talk.  Here at Indie Nation it is about good music by numerous independent artists.  We started off the show by playing, with few interruptions the entire album by Mercury Project.  Referencing our tech director’s comment, this is a good one for a quiet dark room.

Back in the day of having to buy an entire album to get the music you desired, a concept album was a real gem.  You got an entire album that was arranged and thought out in a manner to make you want to listen to the entire album.  It worked out pretty well for The Beatles, Pink Floyd and others lesser known that Steve will mention later.  For now, don that pressurized suit and prepare for a mental launch into the land of space and EVAs.

2010.06.06 – Pick of the Day – Gavin Salkeld – Our In House Music Producer

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Gavin Salkeld

Our In House Music Producer

Yeah, I am still behind but gaining on all of these picks of the day that stacked up on my hard drive due to the gremlin attack on the server. Such is and so be, those of us who like this type of thing keep pluggin’ away at it. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor shall the best indie Internet station on the planet. Come to think of it, I don’t think the Romans had to deal with electrical substations taking out their servers. Trust me though, Indie Nation would be worse off if it were not for today’s pick. Gavin Salkeld is, for lack of a better term, our “In House Music Producer”. He is the guy who provides us with the kewl music you hear in our IDs and slogans. Personally, I consider Gavin a great e-friend who has done much to help not only my endeavors as a podcaster but all of at the station as well. He has done everything from being on The Lumpcast, to producing a special 20 minute mix of a film score he was working on and, he even hijacked my show for me on one occasion. Now, I must say that this post is in no way shape or form some type of “payback”. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Gavin is staff here because he does excellent music, understands music production, excels at studio work, is an awesome talent as a composer, and is an independent artist in both film and music. Seriously, do you think I would ask someone to be staff that I thought was sucky at such things? The reason this man is my pick for the day is the same reason he is staff. He is a very awesome independent artist and his final cuts rawk. Truth be told, Indie Nation could not exist with out artists like Gavin. We are proud to have him on board as staff. We would also like to thank him and all the other musicians, past, present and future who embrace the new media order and creative commons. Otherwise we would just be dead air.


Housy Grooves – Serious Old Skewl LIVE Groove


I think this is one of my favorite long jams of all times. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I share with you “Housy Grooves”, the marvelous work of Dr. H. P. Winkler. There are a number of kewl things about it. First being is that it is free and available at The Internet Archive. Heck, they even have embed code for you to put a player up with it. Now how kewl is that?

Second, is that it is part of the new media by being on the Stromklang Net Label. Now don’t get me wrong, CDs have their place, for me, if they are signed by the artists. Otherwise, they are just becoming coasters, marred with concentric rings of coffee and coke.

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