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The Dead Good and Thirteen Polaroids

A Kick Ass New EP by a New Musical Duo, Introducing “The Dead Good”

The Dead Good - Thirteen  Polaroids

The Dead Good – Thirteen Polaroids

There are days when I really love my inbox.  Then there are other days where “we listen to bad music so you don’t have to” rings so loud that I hate even having to touch the emails to delete them.

Today was not one of those days, thank you Sonny for letting us know about your band and your Thirteen Polaroids EP !  This duo, self-described as a “German-Italian alternative rock duo”, formed in Los Angeles has a really solid début EP.

East Coast Legion – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON March 2nd  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

The Scream Team welcomes Mike Exler and Drew Seidler of East Coat Horror to the Midnight Spookshow, and they kick things off with a good old-fashioned geek fight! Also, Autumn returns to full health (and has plenty of things to disturb Tim with), Tim has no sympathy for kids and Zack sends in the clowns. Reviews include The Devil Inside, We Are The Night, The Woman in Black, The Innkeepers and more.

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