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Halloweenathon Part Two

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Bram Stoker's Dracula
Image by Ben Templesmith via Flickr

This is part two of a Halloweenathon.  You can find part one here.  Tonight’s show is part music and part radio drama.  It was something I did not actually plan to do.  Yeah, I usually do a Halloween Shoe… Heck, it is the only holiday of the year where I fit in.

I was in the mood for some old time radio drama and hit  I recalled Zack Daggy did a scary show.  I had a quiet, I mean DEAD quiet Sunday, a few ghouls showed up and one thing led to, well, eventually this.  Enjoy and be afraid….

  • The Deformities with “Creature Feature” and “Vampire Lover”
  • Paul and Storm with “Olive Garden”, “Cruel, Cruel, Moon”, “Infected”, “Live”, and “Lame Monster Party”

Up next is a live radio theater performance of “Dracula”.  This is part of the Community Audio Collection over at The Internet Archive. It is actually a live theater performance and only nostalgic in style. Radio Theater presented Dracula at the Player Theatre.

Credits for the live show are as follows;

  • Written, directed, music, and sound design by Dan Bianchi.
  • Wes Shippee was the engineer.
  • The Eisenhowers“Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein”
  • “Goblin City” by Panthers
  • From Tom Smith, and to close out “Zombie Pirates in Love”, “Giant Monster”, and “Undead Happy Trees”

Special thanks and kudos to;

  • Mevio’s Music Alley, likely the best “podsafe” music repository on the planet!
  • The Internet Archive, the place for all kinds of archived media
  • Gavin Salkeld for the music used in our IDs
  • The artists, past, present and future who share their music under a Creative Commons License
  • Each of you who listen to this show
  • The staff of for putting up with me
Written, directed, music, and sound design by <a title=”Dan Bianchi on Linked In” href=”” target=”_blank”>Dan Bianchi</a>
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