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Cruises for Gamers


Cruises for Gamers

While Gen Con is mostly about gaming, you do find a bit of everything there. That said, I believe Kimberly Maita was the only travel agent there. (However, Marc Gunn also had information about Celtic Invasion Vacations) More specifically, Gamer Adventures is a travel agency that specializes in gamers.

Listen in to as Kimberly Maita of Gamer Adventures and I discuss:

  • The history of the company
  • Their cruise with Mayfair Games
  • Why the company was created
  • The price ranges of the cruises, you will be surprised at how little they actually cost
  • Her advice to anyone who has a wish to be a travel agent

You can find Gamer Adventures on the web at their website.  You can follow Kimberly on her blog.

2011.11.05 – Indie Soup – Whole Lotta Talk

POSTED ON November 8th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Featured Podcast, Indie Soup, music, New Media Order, NSFW, Opinion, Podcasts

Well it is midnight.  It is dark in both locations we broadcast from and it is time for Saturday’s Live Stream of Indie Soup which streams live weekly form 00:00 to 02:00 hrs on Indie Nation.  We must warn the listener that this streams late at night and may contain material offensive to even those who have the lowest moral standards.  It should be considered NOT SAFE FOR WORK or NSFW. 

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