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TGGN 5-14-2012

We opened the show up with Get Our Geek On by Possible Oscar and then moved on to our first news story.

Origins Game Fair May 30th to June 3rd

An awesome guest list:

  • Fellica Day
  • Wil Wheaton
  • Adrienne Wilkinson
  • Jeff Tidball
  • Robert Schwalb
  • Sandra Garity
  • Michael Stack Pole

Origins Awards

Origins Game Fair 2010 - Miniature

Origins Game Fair 2010 - Miniature (Photo credit: Will Merydith)

From the wiki
“The Origins Awards are American awards for outstanding work in the game industry. They are presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design at the Origins Game Fair on an annual basis for the previous year, so (for example) the 1979 awards were given at the 1980 Origins.
The Origins Award is commonly referred to as a Calliope, as the statuette is in the likeness of the Muse of the same name. Academy members frequently shorten this name to “Callie.”

Some this year’s nominees are (unlike out screw up on the air):

  • Best Role Playing Game:

    • Abney Park’s Airship Pirates – Cubicle 7 Entertainment – “Captain” Robert Brown, Peter Cakebread, Andrew Peregrine, Ian Sturrock, Ken Walton
    • Arcanis – Paradigm Concepts – Eric Wiener, Pedro Barrenechea, and Henry Lopez
    • Ashen Stars – Pelgrane Press – Robin D. Laws
    • Leverage: The RPG – Margaret Weis Productions – Cam Banks, Rob Donoghue, and Clark Valentine
    • The One Ring – Cubicle 7 Entertainment – Amado Angulo, Marco Maggi,
    • Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Francesco Nepitello
  • Best Roleplaying Supplement or Adventure:

    • Bookhounds of London (Trail of Cthulhu) – Pelgrane Press – Kenneth H. Hite
    • Dragon Age, Set 2 (Dragon Age) – Green Ronin Publishing – Steve Kenson, T.S. Luikart, Chris Pramas, and Jeff Tidball
    • The Great Clans (L5R 4th Edition) – AEG – Shawn Carman, Rob Hobart, Brian Yoon
    • Monster Vault (D&D 4E) – Wizards of the Coast – Rodney Thompson, Logan Bonner, & Matthew Sernett
    • Shadows over Scotland (Call of Cthulhu) – Cubicle 7 Entertainment – Stuart Boon
  • Best Board Game:

    • Conquest of Nerath – Wizards of the Coast – Richard Baker, Mons Johnson, & Peter Lee
    • Automobile – Mayfair Games – Martin Wallace
    • Hibernia – Closet Nerd – Eric Vogel
    • High Noon Saloon – Slugfest Games – Cliff Bohm & Geoff Bottone
    • Pastiche – Gryphon Games – Sean D. MacDonald
  • Best Traditional Card Game:

    • Cthulhu Gloom – Atlas Games – Keith Baker
    • NUTS! – Wildfire LLC – Matthew Grau
    • Red Dragon Inn 3 – Slugfest Games – Geoff Bottone, Jeff Morrow, and Cliff Bohm
    • Star Trek Deck Building Game – BANDAI – Alex Bykov
    • Struggle for Catan – Mayfair Games – Klaus Teuber

For a complete list of this year’s nominees, please go to

Smithee Awards
From Smithee Awards
What ARE “The Smithee Awards?”

The Smithee Awards, or “Smithees,” is an annual ceremony which celebrates Bad Cinema. In principle, it’s sort of the Anti-Oscars, though in practice it’s more like the Anti-People’s-Choice-Awards. A number of films are so “honored” each year, and there are nineteen categories in which a movie might win.

Some distinguishing characteristics to help you get the flavor of things: We limit ourselves to titles available on home video, and year-of-release is irrelevant. We clip the films for you; this means you’re not forced to watch the whole movie, only the best bits. There are five clips per category, during which we tend to withhold comment and allow the film to speak for itself (though an occasional gut-reaction may slip out). Oh, and the voting audience, not we, are the final arbiters as to who takes the prize (so there can be no possibility of anything being rigged).

Not many people actually get a statuette, since thus far only two have claimed their Smithee. Can’t imagine why.”

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We closed with

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