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Through Gamer Goggles News – 7-2-2013


This week’s episode of Through Gamer Goggles News features the music of Jeff Ronay.


WotC Make Duels of  the Planeswalkers for Android.


Myth vs EA


Unpleasant news first:


On the 21st we received a cease and desist letter from EA asking us to not use the Myth logo. We were rather taken back by what it could mean, and went to our lawyer the next Monday. It appears they have legal rights to the use of flames on letters, numbers, and symbols. He strongly advised removing the flame. He said it had to do with the close proximity of in the court’s eyes to video games and board game. Specifically, most courts will see them both as “games”.

The solution was easy for us: remove the flame from the logo. It is shown below. Here is the important part. We need anyone who posted or used this logo anywhere to replace it with the new one. We’ll take care of here and the BGG.

Furthermore, it is delaying the printing of certain elements a few weeks because we need to make sure this issue is resolved. As we posted previously, we were working towards delivering early (you’ll see proof of the progress later in the update) so this delay won’t affect the timeliness of the January delivery date. It is still too early to tell if it will push us out of the November base game goal.


The good news:


Nothing with the Myth logo has been approved for production.

We were set to start Hero and Darkness board printing (with the logo on the back of the boards) this week and that is delayed. But it is gigantically good news not to have wasted money on printing something that would have to be junked for legal reasons.


 More on Space Hulk from Spong.


 Another liscense goes to OffWorld


English: This is the logo of Wyrd Miniatures.


Wyrd Miniatures, LLC goes OffWorld


Offworld Designs obtains license for Wyrd Miniatures, LLC merchandise


(Sandwich, IL- July 2nd, 2013) Offworld Designs announced today that they have obtained the license to do apparel, backpacks and more based on images from designs. The first two designs available for preorder are the Wyrd Evil Baby Sippy T-shirt and the Wyrd Puppet Wars Silurid T-shirt. Preorders will only be live until July 10th, 2013 and then the items will be available for purchase on OffWorld Designs website ( and at some conventions that OffWorld Designs attend. Puppet Wars is a fast-paced tactical board game set in the world of Malifaux which was Wyrd’s first table top release. Evil Baby Orphanage is a card game where players take on the role of a time traveling nanny and adopt tyrants from the time stream to guide them towards honest futures.


Direct Links to Preorder shirts can be found below:


31000 Wyrd Evil Baby Sippy T-Shirt


31001 Wyrd Puppet Wars Silurid T-Shirt


“We are thrilled to be working with Wyrd ,” explained OffWorld Designs CEO Barb Van Tilburg. “Wyrd’s whole business is based on fantastic visuals. The creativity in the visuals of their products reflects that. Many of Offworld’s products are the creations of Raymond VanTilburg (TITLE?). We have seen first hand how creativity encourages sales.”




Offworld Designs newest shirts can be found at  Their complete convention schedule can be found at  Interested in custom made graphics or embroidery contact


Offworld Designs Social Media:



Wyrd Miniatures Social Media:





About OffWorld Designs:Founded in 1990, Offworld Designs is a family owned and operated business of geek love and pride.  The designs of in house artist Raymond VanTilburg helped launch the company and Offworld’s line has grown to include some of the best artists in multiple genres including science fiction, comics, gaming, anime and more. Offworld also offers an extensive line of services that include custom printing and embroidery along with Convention Souvenirs.  With over 40 conventions attended each year, our products can be found on the finest geek enthusiasts the world over. For more information, visit




About Wyrd Miniatures:Wyrd Miniatures was founded in 2005 as a miniatures company focused on creating cool minis for painters. After a few years, the miniature skirmish game, Malifaux, was created. Malifaux uses a card-based mechanic. Wyrd has gone on to develop Puppet Wars, TerraClips (in conjunction with World Works Games).  Evil Baby Orphanage (with cooperation from the Vlog Brothers), and several other games.  Our primary philosophy is to have fun with our products, and we hope you enjoy them too.


The Realmsound project


OCGG needs your help!


 Bring free professional audio to tabletop gaming!

We at the Orange County Gaming Group are endeavoring to bring audio free on the internet to your tabletop games, whether by specifically produced music, voice overs, or sound effects to make your games shine as you intend!  Take a moment to view our Kickstarter, and please, contribute or simply spread the word to your gaming friends so that this can become a reality.  Thank you for your time!





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