The Band Avon Dale

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The Band Avon Dale – Rocky, Bluesy and Jamin’ in Memphis

Warning: Some may consider this material may not safe for work and has some profanities. If that bothers you, please exercise your freedom of choice by going to another post as we exercise our freedom of speech.

The Band Avon Dale is a Memphis-based band. I will give you my take on them in a short minute. However, I think they do a great job of describing themselves, from their About Page:

“Avon Dale is a Memphis-based, rootsy rock band with a touch of soul. A four piece band featuring a dynamic rhythm section, the elemental sounds of an acoustic guitar, blues inspired electric guitar riffs, and soulful vocals, that range from tender and plaintive, to gritty and beseeching. A powerful live act, Avon Dale meshes concise rock ballads with lengthy improvisational jams. With a raw energetic presence, the band is quickly gaining followers in rock and jam band circles alike and becoming a Memphis must see act.”

cropped-transparent_resized12I agree with their description. They are not bragging or stretching anything, they just being honest. They create a strong, solid sound via syncopation and interaction that would be best described excellent music. Whether they are doing a fast rockin’ tune or a slow ballad their music does what it should, it moves, holds your interest and makes you want more. They do a great job of uniquely flavoring more traditional rock and blues styles.

The band began at the University of Illinois as a duo and, by 2013, grew to a quartet. I am not going into every history detail in this editorial.  I am merely here to tell you they created some kick ass music. Th relevant history would be that in October 2014, they recorded Dress it Up and were joined by pianist Matt Welch at Ardent Studios in Midtown Memphis.

The band now consists of:

  • Conrad Polz – Vocals and Guitar
  • Matt McCarter – Vocals and Guitar
  • Alec Heist – Drums
  • Andrew Allen – Bass

Dress It Up is a four track EP.  The tracks are great and showcase this band’s talent.  Four songs that will leave you wanting more. I also checked out some of their YouTube material and agree, they seem a good live act to check out. 

The tracks and are:

  • Bad Habits
  • Mila
  • Worst Case
  • Spider

Enough talk already, just check out the video below and I bet you will agree… they fucking rawk!

You can find out more about this great band at the links below. Be sure to check their site for tour dates and catch them live.

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