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From Columbus, Ohio – The Slang

The Slang

The Slang

There is much to like about this band from Columbus, Ohio.  To start with, I feel The Slang is a great name for a band.  I also really like the EP cover.  Stuff like that, however, does not make a band good or bad.

The band is the work of John Bobo, who is the songwriter, plays several instruments and vocalist, and John Newsome is the bassist.  They are currently touring their EP with additional members  Matt Thiedt on guitars and keys and Michael Dillon on drums.

Musically, this alternative/power pop band has a sound reminiscent of the late 90’s; energetic, loud but not noisy, and a wall of sound.  I am not 100% certain but I believe it was also a requirement of the 90s that every song had a keyboard in it.  Furthermore, in that era, 9 out of 10 bands and radio stations were “alternative”.  While I poke fun at the era, I still turn the volume up when music from it plays… admit it, you do too.

Compositionally, they don’t blow me away. In a good way, they have a typical late 90s sound. They cover that style exceptionally taking “the same old thing” and making it fresh, vibrant and alive.

Technically, the work is exceptional.  It was recorded at The Cutting Room. The EP is well produced and mastered having been done by successful, seasoned engineers.  (Mixed by Mark Needham, who has done work for Imagine Dragons and Tokyo Police Club, and mastered by Brian Lucey, who has done work for The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.)

I can’t put my finger on exactly why but I lovethis EP.  I have listened to it far more times than most of the material I review.  The self titled debut EP is a five song work that begs you to crank it up. It is rather like shampoo in the sense, that if you follow the directions, you “crank, listen and repeat”. As musicians, they seem to do many things exceptionally well:

  • They syncopate and move well
  • Lots of energy
  • Great lyrics, he writes some great lines
  • A unique perspective on things
  • Their songs all have a “hook”
  • They leave the listener wanting more

This band has given me another reason to be a proud Ohioan.   Their website states that the EP release party is September 26 in Columbus, Ohio.  Unfortunately, I am scheduled for some serious dental work on the day before.  Otherwise, I would be telling you to look for me there. If you are in the Mid-Ohio area, you should mark your calendar.

You can find out more about this band at:

Check out their first video below.

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