Through Gamer Goggles News (TGGN) 3-26-2012

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Through Gamer Goggles News Episode 004

In this week’s episode of Gamer Goggles, we discuss Microsoft’s patent on virtual reality goggles and the gamer’s guide to the iPod.

We opened with some music:

Microsoft Patents Virtual Reality Goggles, Gaming Helmet

From PC Magazine

Microsoft appears to be taking augmented reality pretty seriously. The software giant has a pair of new patents that were discovered by Patent Bolt this week, detailing projector eyewear technology for use with a game console like the Xbox 360 and with future mobile devices.

The first patent describes a full-on helmet with attached, visor-like eyepieces and appears to be intended for Xbox gamers, according to the blog. The second reveals eyewear that resembles a pair of sunglasses—that’s the tech Microsoft would attempt to integrate into future smartphones, media players, and other mobile devices, so it makes sense that it comes in a form that people might actually want to wear out in public.

The trouble with compact display systems built into goggles or eyeglasses like the ones Microsoft appears to be building, Patent Bolt notes, is that “the human eye can’t focus on images less than a few centimeters away.” This means the interface has to present a “virtual image” that appears to the eye as if it’s actually further away than on the screen-slash-eyepiece where it really lives.

You can read the rest of the Article here PC Magazine Article.

Key Points from the article

  • The big problem in development is the human eyes focus range – just a few centimeters. The result ia a virtual image.
  • Microsofts answer to this “comprises a laser configured to form a narrow beam, first and second dilation optics [each with a diffraction grating], first and second redirection optics, and a controller,” according to Patent Bolt.
  • Wearer will be able to see virtual image and the real life environment around them (that is a good thing – OW! Who put that bleeping chair in my virtual way!)
  • Microsoft isn’t alone Google is developing a Terminator style Heads up display.

Back to the music:

  • Domino’s Pizza from Paul and Storm
  • My Atari from Sudden Death who now goes by Devo Spice
  • Pac-Man from Sudden Death featuring Worm Quartet

Gamers guide to I Pad

From Mac World

by Armando Rodriguez, PCWorld Mar 19, 2012 4:05 pm

Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from

Apple’s OS X isn’t exactly a gamer’s paradise. But the same can’t be said about iOS—especially when it comes to the iPad. In some ways the iPad is the perfect gaming handheld: It has great battery life, and games are cheap. But there are a few things you should know before using the iPad as a gaming device.

There are a few different iPad models, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Do you get a Wi-Fi only version, or do you spring for a model with LTE? Will 16GB be enough, or do you plan on downloading hundreds of games? Should you buy the latest iPad, or pick up an older model on the cheap? These are all questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you make your way to the Apple Store.

Key Points

  • Consider you budget for the I-Pad – get the most memory for your budget
  • New I-Pad has 4gLTE
  • Look at the wireless plans carefully- they can range from 30.00 to 130.00
  • IOS 4 has a game center much like that of XBOX live.

Games you want to check out:

  • Asphalt racing
  • Modern Combat
  • Shadow Gun
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Triple Town
  • Beat Hazard Ultra

We closed with music:

Be sure and check out Game Quest Online

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