Turn About Time, Righthaven Hit with Class Action Suit

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According to a post at ARS Technica,  the many individuals that the alleged “copyright troll” company, Righthaven previously sought to sue have turned the tables.  The company produces no product and seems only to exist as a litigation machine. While a vulture is not exactly a predator, the preyed are now on the counter attack.

Righthaven has come under scrutiny lately because they are sueing people left and right, over 250 according to the article.  The article states that 57 plaintiffs, those of the 250 plus that originated in Colorado are fighting back and the claim states:

“Class Plaintiffs are victims of extortion litigation by Righthaven,”

For those of you who are not following this one, the cases in Colorado that were filed by RightHaven, were all question by the judge.  Judge Kane was “not impressed” and dismissed the cases on trial.  Elsewhere, it was described as the judge slammed the company’s business model. According to a post at TechDirt, RightHaven then filed a dismissal notice went after the judge. Somewhere in all this mess, the class action suit was filed and, on Friday, TechDirt reported that the judge put all cases filed by RightHaven in the State of Colorado on hold.  And we thought the RIAA could screw up litigation?

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