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U901 - The 18th Chamber

U901 – The 18th Chamber

Warning – The material reviewed below has explicit language and subject material most would consider not safe for work. If this type of material offends you please respect the artist’s right to freedom of expression and exercise your right to freedom of choice and read another review at Indie Nation.

As usual, I have far more material in my inbox than time to review it all. However, I shall get to it all, in order, as rapidly as possible. I shall keep my pledge to “listen to the bad music so you don’t have to”. If you are a musician awaiting a response either I didn’t like your material or I just haven’t gotten to you yet. Be patient, sooner or later you will know.

I shall also continue to write positive-only reviews for the material that I happen on and like. Today, I would like to thank Undefined 901 or “U901” for giving me something to rave about. I don’t know much about the band other than they are from Memphis Tennesee.

When I contacted them and asked them for some biographical info, this is some of what they had to say:

U901 represents the true 901. The alternative rap band hails from Memphis, TN, and creates a sound that is a blend of various classical and contemporary genres, stylized with their brand of lyricism, aptly named The Highest Technique. They focus their creation on themes that resonate with the world, from feel-good journeys and detailed narratives to audio murals from their respective walks of life and social issues. All to push the culture forward.

It didn’t hit me at first but “901” is the inner-ring suburb area code for Memphis, the state’s smallest area code geographically speaking. With that in mind, their art makes perfect sense.

The artist in this group are:

  • Sage (pronounced “sayj”)
  • STAR SAMO (pronounced “say-mo”)
  • Runazz (pronounced “roo-nazz”)

While I don’t necessarily agree with all of their subject material, I am not one to judge artists by what they say so long as they don’t go too far. U901 dances on the line well, projecting a strong street attitude but not going too far by suggesting anything violent. I don’t care if they like weed, sex and drink so long as pump out good grooves. If you don’t like brutally honest urban music, you should just continue your read elsewhere.

Please don’t take it the wrong way but I doubt I will listen all the material these guys produce all that much. I am just not into the subject material much. That said and to be completely fair, I still thought I should write them a positive review. I still found a few tracks I would keep around.

They do everything musical exceptionally well. The music is certainly hip hop and urban but it does well in terms of eclectism. They rap well and mix it up nicely. They are a great listen.

Again, this material is adult oriented but The Eighteenth Chamber 2 is a great eclectic collection of hip hop, rap and music reflective of urban life. I am also a fan of concept albums which this work definitely is. It has a theme and is much more than just a collection of songs. It is, however, a collection of talent and eclectic music. The work contains a lot of great freestyle material. One of the album’s greatest attributes is that it has a wide range of sounds and styles. This makes it a great start to finish listen.

The album is excellent at portraying urban life and it also flows with a story line of toughness and a progression of maturation and growth. I think the message hits best if you take the work as a whole but, if I had to pick one track, It Gets Real is a brutally honest portrayal of how it can be lower income urban America.

You can find out more about this talented trio at:

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and remember to support the indie artist both financially and spreading the word about their work.

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