VanDeRocker – Kissing Booth

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Kissing Booth

Personally, I am a bit of a snow lover but I am already hearing “Okay, Christmas is over bring on summer”. The song I am sharing should have you thinking summer because it has a certain surf music feel to it.

Before we get to the video, though, a little more information on Adrienne VanDerRocker. From her bio page:

“VanDeRocker is the L.A. based indie rock/electro-pop project of Adrienne VanDeRocker, a composer and songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist. Adrienne grew up in Austin, belonging to a Dutch-American family of classical musicians. Piano was her primary instrument in her childhood, but as she became more interested in rock music (and less interested in school), she developed an interest in guitar and writing songs. By 12 years of age, she began performing in local bars with her sister’s band, which marked the beginning of a deep fascination with the world of music and performance art.”

As regular readers know, I try to listen to everything I can find when I listen to an artist. VanDeRocker’s début release is a 12 track work that you should add to your collection. It is an eclectic mix of songs. The commonality being all are excellently mastered, composed and performed. The video I am sharing today is not what all the other tracks sound like. I do believe they are just as good but I hear punk, pop, electronic, all our rock, Bowie and more.

The vocals, lyrics, music and mastering are all top-notch. An excellent début album. I did not hear a single track I would not listen to over. The tracks on Jupiter’s Kiss are:

  1. Without the Light
  2. Smoke and Mirrors
  3. Kissing Booth
  4. Shocked in Kathmandu
  5. You’d Better Walk
  6. Jupiter’s Kiss
  7. She Become Me
  8. I’m Home Now
  9. One Breath Away
  10. CUPID’S Sting
  11. She’s Alive
  12. Without The Light (Acoustic)

VanDeRocker – Kissing Booth

You can find VanDeRocker at:

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