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Victory Kicks – The Young Flood and More!

Victory Kicks

Victory Kicks

A long time ago, in an inbox overstuffed, I was contacted by Victory Kicks. Originally, I was asked to review two tracks which were released back in February. While I enjoyed Smoke and Last Night, it merely served as an enticement to listen to more of their excellent alternative music.

First let us hear what the band says about themselves:

Victory Kicks are an alternative rock band from the Isle of Wight and now based in London. Formed originally as a home recording project by singer/songwriter John Sibley, the band continues to produce and release all its records independently on its own label, Unmanned Aerial Vinyl.

This band has been around for a while and, hopefully, they stay around even longer. Originally a solo project, their Facebook bio states they are now a quartet. A really, really good quartet. Once I listened to the two tracks they requested me to review, I was simply thirsty for more and spent hours doubling back and listening to everything they have released. I don’t often binge listen to a band but this talent is a worthy exception. It was time well spent and I am certain I will be looking for more from them in the future. They now have 7 releases. They also offer their entire discography at 50% off at bandcamp.

Honestly, everything I see about this band is wonderful. Album art, production, and everything else is just top shelf material. There is no other way to say it.

If you like power pop alternative music, you are going to get a real kick out of Victory Kicks. Every track is well produced, every song is at least decent and most of them are great! While they have a definitive sound, they do an awesome job of mixing it up. I was particularly impressed by the catchy guitar rhythms they use. I also liked the eclecticism in the work they have offered us so far. They often throw sounds in that are not expected and act as a dash of just the right spice. I love their many creative sounds they use in outros and intros, Morse code like sounds, noise, sound bites, just about everything, very creative and well done. This is a band to load your player with and just listen to for hours. I love it when I find a band that I can only say positive things about.

What surprises me is that they really don’t have very many followers and likes. I think the best thing you could do for this talent is to spread the word. They really a gem of a find and I bet you that those who you turn on to this band will thank you. As I often say, “I listen to bad music so you don’t have to”. In this case, I am going to say that this band does great music so just listen.

As I mentioned earlier, the project began as a solo work but the credits at BandCamp list the following as members:

  • James Grant
  • Simon King
  • Martyn Piggott
  • John Sibley

You can find, follow and like Victory Kicks at:

Thanks for reading and please remember to support the indie musicians by buying their merchandise, seeing them live and/or spreading the word about them.

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