Video – The Rise of the Patent Troll

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Patent (Photo credit: brunosan)

This Video Explains How Patent Trolls Came to Be

If you listen to our news broadcasts here, you are very likely to hear stories about patent trolls and “copywrong” as Lumpy uses to refer to the current state of intellectual property law. It has reached the ridiculous point where trolls are laying claims to broad matters such as playlists and podcasting.  This is about as logical as patenting the alphabet. The video below, explains how old law and new tech combined to create software patent trolls.

While it might be easy for you to believe that it really doesn’t matter to you, the fact is the opposite.  The original intent of patent law was to protect the creator for a period of time and then release the protected item so that it may further be innovated by the world at large.  In short, today’s state of IP law is impeding innovation.

We urge all of you to get involved in this current war over intellectual property.  You can find out more at and, the source that made me aware of this video,

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