VoicePlay – Amazing A Cappella

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VoicePlay – Amazing A Cappella



VoicePlay is an amazing a capella quintet based out of Orlando Florida. The musicians use only their voices as instruments. Originally, a street corner barbershop act, now actively touring. (They play The Magic Kingdom often.)

VoicePlay is not your typical a capella act. They use their voices for more than vocals. The do great videos and come up with some great top tens.

I start with the first video I saw by them. I noticed it over at a post at Boing! Boing!. It is more suited for Halloween and the theme song for The Haunted House at Disney.

Voice – Grim Grinning Ghost A Cappella

While the above is pretty awesome, check out what they did at Camp A Cappella.

Covering Journey at Camp A Cappella

To close, a few of their top tens and then links for you to support and find them at.

Top Ten Broadway Songs

Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks

Personally, I love the use of the Doritos. You can find, follow, listen and support VoicePlay at:

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. Please remember to support the indie artist by buying their merchandise, seeing them live and by spreading the word about their music.

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