www.custompc48809.com GIVEAWAY!!!

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Hey Everyone, David here From CustomPC48809.com


First Time ever at http://www.custompc48809.com We are doing a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sometime In May we will hold this event and the event will take a few hours.

The lucky winner will be announced over VIA email, Twitter, FaceBook and Live Video Stream.

Rules and Information will be located on the site, also we are looking for everyone’s Idea’s for the event. What should we do???


If you have a idea or comment, go to http://www.custompc48809.com/#/contact/4548980785 and submit your idea.

The Prize will be some sort of Computer Device or Electronic… CustomPC48809.com is a Computer Service and Hardware Site. Might as well make it a good Prize. Let your Friends know.


Thanks Again, From CustomPC48809.com and    Indienation.Fm



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